Van Zyl Retief

The Business Judgment Rule: When is it applicable?

When running a business there are going to be times where the directors in charge will have to make difficult decisions and take risks in order to either save the company or to seal a big deal and gain financially, the notion of “risk for reward”. As a director, one would be required to make a […]

Proposed harsher penalties for applicants who lie on their CVs

According to an IOL report dated 31 January 2019, the number of false qualifications is on the rise in the country, with 97 national qualifications that were found to be fraudulent and misrepresented during the period of October-November 2018. Therefore, as a response to this shocking statistic, the National Qualifications Amended Bill was introduced into […]

Korporatiewe beheer – PBO’S NPO’S en NPC’s

Daar bestaan baie verwarring rondom die onderskeid tussen ’n ‘Public Benefit Organisation (“PBO”)’, ‘Nonprofit Organisation (“NPO”)’ en ’n ‘Nonprofit Company (“NPC”)’. Alhoewel daar soortgelyke karaktereienskappe tussen hierdie liefdadigheidsentiteite bestaan en alhoewel hulle in ’n sekere mate met mekaar verband hou, is elkeen van hierdie tipes entiteite verskillend van die ander entiteite en elkeen dien ’n […]

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