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Property advice in an election year

Buy now, sell later. This year, almost half of the world’s inhabitants will head to the polls to elect their new governments, including eight of the world’s 10 most populous countries. In South Africa, we can expect our own election to put the property market into a temporary holding pattern, dragging on the subtle buyer’s […]

Understanding mortgage bond cancellation: Key steps and considerations

In South Africa, the process of cancelling a mortgage bond is commonly necessitated when a property is sold or the bond is fully paid off. This procedure is intricate, consisting of several critical steps: Step 1: Notice of cancellation Initially, the property owner must submit a notice of intent to cancel the bond to the […]

Factors to Consider Before Negotiating Your Home Loan’s Interest Rate

As interest rates continue to rise, many homeowners find themselves contemplating the idea of fixing their home loan interest rates. Initially, when the interest rate hike began after the historically low rates experienced in 2020, experts advised against fixing rates. However, the landscape has evolved since then, and the decision to fix your interest rate […]

Navigating the real estate market: Tips for buyers

Understanding the real estate market is crucial when buying or selling a property. The market’s current favour, whether for buyers or sellers, significantly impacts your decisions and strategies. Buyers’ market: When the real estate market leans towards buyers, it signifies that there’s an abundance of properties available for sale compared to the number of active buyers […]

What happens to your deposit if the home sale falls through?

It depends on which party is responsible. It’s every home buyer’s worst nightmare. You find your dream home; your offer is accepted; and you pay a deposit—only for the sale to fall through before the property is transferred into your name. The question now is, where does this leave your hard-earned deposit? The answer depends […]

Having ‘skin’ in the property game.

Bigger deposits mean a smaller loan and a better interest rate Rising inflation and several interest rate hikes have many South Africans trying their best to keep their costs down where possible, and this has also translated into their homebuying behaviour. The Q2 ’22 oobarometer statistics, released by ooba, reveal lower-than-expected home price inflation from […]

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