Van Zyl Retief

Prescription: Lack of knowledge regarding legal conclusions

The Constitutional Court in the matter of Mtokonya v Minister of Police [2017] ZACC 33 dealt with the issue of extinctive prescription, in particular regarding whether section 12(3) of the Act requires a creditor to have knowledge of a debtor’s wrongful and actionable conduct, which gave rise to the debt, before prescription may start running against the creditor. Although the Supreme Court of […]

Why vaccines should be encouraged in the workplace, but rarely enforced

The distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine is seen as a fundamental component to ending the pandemic. However, mandatory vaccinations in the workplace should be treated with caution by all employers. As it stands, there is currently no legislation in South African law that specifically requires an employee to be vaccinated against COVID-19. As a point of departure, the Occupational Health and Safety Act mandates […]

The threat of fake news to your business

In the digital age, information is everywhere. At the click of a button a message can travel across oceans in the time it takes to blink. For the large part, it’s an incredible testament to human invention. But for some part, as with the spread of destructive fake news, it reveals our ugly side. In […]

Is it time to say goodbye to your business?

South Africa has been experiencing very slow economic growth and international rating agencies have subsequently downgraded South Africa’s investment outlook to “junk status”. This, and a myriad of other factors, have negatively impacted South African businesses, especially small and medium business enterprises. Many of these struggling enterprises are now at a crossroads: do they continue […]

Make More Than A Name for Yourself

Branding is certainly a very important aspect of your business. But what exactly is “branding” and how will it affect your business? Simply put, your brand is your commitment to your customers. It shows them what they can expect from your products and services, and it sets you apart from other businesses. Do research A solid foundation […]

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