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Estate Planning: Preparing for the Digital Afterlife

The emergence of digital ghosts on social media Social media platforms have become integral to our daily lives, but what happens to these digital profiles when a user passes away? Research by Carl J. Öhman, a doctoral candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute, sheds light on this evolving issue. Öhman’s study, titled “Are the Dead […]

The seven myths of investing

The misguided assumptions that exist in financial markets. Myths are widely held beliefs that are mistaken as truths. For example, for long periods of time, people believed (and acted) as if the world was flat. Below are similarly misguided assumptions that exist in the financial markets that I have come across during my investment career. […]

Travel claims, but no allowance?

For commission-earners and the self-employed, the rules are slightly different but travel costs can be claimed. The common mistake that I make when writing articles about travel allowances is that I tend to forget that not all of us are ‘wage slaves’. Indeed, there are many taxpayers for whom the saying, “If a man will […]

Who is held responsible for payments lost due to cybercrime?

This is exactly what happened in Fourie v Van der Spuy and De Jongh Inc. and others. The First Respondent was a law firm and the Second and Third Respondents were practising Attorneys. The Applicant claimed payment of R1 744 599.45 from the Respondents. The First Respondent had a mandate to deal with money paid […]

The Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act No. 70 of 1970 explained: Part 1

The subdivision of agricultural land or “farmland” is regulated by the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act No. 70 of 1970 (hereafter “the Act”) which came into operation on 2 January 1971. Baker J, in the case of Van der Bijl v Louw, stated that the Act has its purpose in preventing the situation where farming […]

The Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act No. 70 of 1970 explained: Part 2

In this Part 2 of the series of “The Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act No. 70 of 1970 Explained”, we shall look at actions that are prohibited regarding the subdivision of agricultural land or any actions amounting to such subdivision and if there are any available remedies. Once again it is reiterated that The Subdivision […]

Passing off: When your business’s reputation is threatened

Passing off is a delictual remedy that is derived from English law and has been implemented in South African law. The most authoritative definition of passing off was given in the Capital Estate and General Agencies (Pty) Limited v Holiday Inns Inc. case (“the Holiday Inns case”) as when a person represents his business or merchandise as the business or merchandise of another person. An example of passing off is depicted in the Holiday Inns […]

What to do if you suspect credit card fraud

Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to fall prey to credit card fraud, knows that it’s a huge hassle. If you’re running a business, you should be aware that your business may be at an even greater risk of having its financial data compromised, which can have much more serious implications compared to that of […]

Avoid overworking your staff – here’s how

Everyone handles life’s pressures differently, which is no exception at the workplace. Some job-related stress may be unavoidable, such as leading a meeting for the first time, pitching new ideas to a client, or handling a difficult customer. However, as an employer, you might unintentionally contribute to your employees’ stress by overworking them, resulting in low […]

Improving corporate image by going green

As the risks of climate change become more intense and prevalent in today’s world, businesses are feeling the pressure to adapt and rethink their business models, making sure they align with the needs of clients, employees, as well as the environment. The Main Advantages of a Green Office Why should you invest in a greener […]

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