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Finding a holiday home isn’t as simple as choosing your favourite holiday spot and packing your bags. With the festive season around the corner, the urge to buy a holiday home may be rising, but a decision like this demands time and careful consideration. Let it simmer. This is not a holiday – this is an investment.

Just like those of us who want to avoid over-crowded beaches and rush-hour-like traffic when travelling, you may want to wait for the off-season. Property prices, as well as both the buyer’s and seller’s expectations, may be affected by the holiday buzz.

Be sure to conduct the necessary research. Owning property in an area is different from simply visiting for a week or two during the holidays. Make sure you choose a location suitable for a home, not just a pit-stop. Consider the area’s liveability both in and out of season. Quite often holiday destinations become ghost towns when the holiday season ends. If that is exactly the peace and quiet you want, perfect! If it’s not, you may want to continue your search, because, contrary to their names, holiday homes can’t only be lived in during holidays.

Homes need constant maintenance and care. Staying close to your holiday home will allow you to break away for weekends, making sure the home receives the necessary attention. If your holiday home is a bit too far from your current residence, consider renting it out for the periods when you are not there. This will ensure your property is well-maintained as well as offering you an extra income. When choosing to rent out your property it becomes especially important to make sure the area provides the necessary amenities for everyday living.

The most important aspect, though, is enjoyment. A holiday home is meant to be enjoyed. Make sure you enjoy yours for the longest possible time by making an informed decision.

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